Thursday, October 18, 2012


Do you know those chapters or seasons in your life where the cliche "light at the end of the tunnel" phase seems like a real crock?

It seems that both of my pregnancies have been faced with some of the same struggles. The pain, frustration, cries....all swirling inside as this life, a gift from God squirms with no thought or concept of what life means yet.

I am tired

Tired of the same which finds no true lasting progress.

I am tired

Tired of the weight of the responsibility I must continue to drudge through for the sake of making sure my family can be taken care of in the most basic of ways.

I am tired

Tired of wanting to run away from the same pit which has been called home for the last almost 3 years of this season of life. A pit which sides only grow taller as I fight to crawl out of, only to have the sides crumble inward, weighing me down all the more with it's filth and darkness.

And the strange thing is, from the outside...things have been growing, but at what cost? 

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