Sunday, December 9, 2012

Finally a Name!

My first pregnancy, we had a name for our daughter at 20 or so weeks.

This time around, I had one picked out at at maybe 23 weeks. 


Mr. G was not sold on this first name even when I said it did not come from any online list of boy names, but directly from God. For weeks and weeks I have been bugging him about what his thoughts were about it, as I wanted to publicly use it and bond with my son. Most times, the response given was, "I haven't really given it much thought."

Oh did that drive me nuts!

Then late this evening, after discussion over dental insurance plans and coverage, Mr. G comes into the office and drops the news that our son will be named:

Nolan James Matthew G

He normally doesn't like two middle names, but this was my bargaining card to play in order to try and increase my chances of the first name. For myself, I am particular with boy names because I want a name that doesn't get circumcised from childhood to adulthood or has various nick names to go with it. Not very many girls names go through this, so the idea is kind of lost on me as to why it happens with boys. Granted, when he is a baby or young boy, we may use the moniker with in the family or Facebook as Champ.

Nolan: Champion

James/Matthew: Family member names 

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