Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Prayer-Solutions Update


I ask that you make it clear as to where we are to live this year. Are your plans to be where we are, or is there another move in the works. IF we are to move, please help me with this transition as you know I struggle with these things. May it be close to some sort of family and opportunities to build new friendships in and outside of work. Not to mention all the logistics of moving with a new member of the family and resources needed to make it happen.

Well, I guess it has been pretty clear that we were to stay in Rome this year. Even in the same house after looking at possibilities at larger places. Rent was too high or we would have down graded on the quality of living.

Its been a tough several number of years in the job department. Please provide a good job.....the RIGHT JOB for Mr. G so we can reduce debt, be covered by benefits and have something left over after all the bills.

Mr. G had an interview back in Feb, but it wasn't until April that an actual job offer came through. It took 5 months later, but this job turned into a full time position.

Please, help us find medical coverage. I grow nervous about needing some assistance with my health needs and it stresses me out. I praise you for giving us help with Eliza. 

With Mr. G getting a job, the cool thing was medical benefits were offered to those at part time. It cost a bit more each month, but this was such a huge blessing and relief to know we could get coverage.

Lord, you know how much I have struggled with this one and the future plans we believe you have for our lives. Please speak to us about the future family member that we know we desire. We love Eliza and want her to benefit from having a little sister or brother. Yet this requires health insurance and stable income to feel like a responsible parent.

Oh how I struggled with this one! As hard as I tried, I couldn't shake the desire in my heart as to the "when" this was to happen. By the time our health coverage was official, we found out we were expecting. The funny thing is, I was more nervous than excited at the news. SO be careful what you pray for...

Please, please help us make forward progress with our calling. We've hit so many road blocks and I can't help but feel discouraged and defeated in the process. Mountains need to be moved in order to get there, which I know fully you are capable of.

This one is somewhat still in the same place. We attended a conference over a weekend and then later was able to take an online class which is one of the requirements for acceptance. Nothing more has happened since the end of the Spring on this.

Please help current relationships and friendships grow and blossom. I have many friends but not very many that are close. You know how much I miss the ones in the west and would love to have the opportunity to visit with them this year and introduce Eliza in person before she is all grown.

God blessed us with being able to take a trip out west and visiting with dear friends. It was painful to leave though as it was apparent of what I had been missing from the rest of everyone's lives. I am however thankful for MOPS as it has blossomed into some good friends to connect with outside of work and church. 

As Eliza grows, keep her healthy and happy. Help me be content with her constant growing up. I hope I can still see the little peanut I held when she grows up to be a God fearing young woman. I love her spunky spirit and smile that could light up Las Vegas.

We have been fortunate at how healthy Eliza has been in this last year. I believe we've only had 2 ear infections, with one requiring a visit to the ER late one night.

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