Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Captive Thoughts

Have you ever encountered a situation that was hard to shake from your thoughts for the rest of the day? It could be hearing bad news, a disagreement or even disappointment.

I struggle to leave my work mind at work at the end of the day when all the kiddos have gone home and I've secured the building. I pick my daughter up from the sitters and meander through thoughts of what on EARTH shall I fix for dinner and if Mr. G will be home for the evening. Then there are those days where I am frustrated with a situation while my brain wants to analyze it in every dimension and it festers.

Fester...isn't it an interesting word? defines it as: to putrefy or rot.

It rots alright, taking away my joy for the rest of the day and maybe into the next few. Tonight I struggle to keep my thoughts captive and instead be positive about the joy I've had at MOPS and the fun to look forward in this coming week.


Far from it!

I have lost count at how many times I've had to redirect my thoughts to something else. Even writing this post temps me to wander back to this situation.

I am a sinner, forgiven by Christ and a work in progress. I am no better than anyone else in thinking I must be given Christian brownie points in ministry 101. I too, am imperfect and need the strength of my heavenly Father to make it through even the most trivial aspects of life.

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