Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Before and After

Christmas just keeps getting more fun each year as Eliza continues to grow and becomes more aware of Christmas and the excitement of Christmas morning. We were blessed to have the opportunity to get out to Mr. G's parents house a day earlier than expected. Also, to have the extra help with a toddler so parents could also rest and relax. This came in handy when I came down with an infection and any moving or getting much sleep was a struggle.

I love the curiosity of her first present opened and the joy which came afterwards.

What could this be?......Oh's clothes!

Some fun shots taken of the Nativity set at the alter on Christmas Eve
I am so ever grateful for the family I've married into. They've opened their hearts, home and generosity to us this season when we've been unable to do it ourselves. I kept thanking my MIL for this and she has to stop me because, "That is what family is for."

By the way:
Still getting underwear for Christmas is still very awesome!  

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  1. I think the holidays are more fun each and every year as my little ones grow. We got to have our first gingerbread decorating party this year and it was so awesome. ; ) Oh the things I look forward to for next year!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!