Thursday, June 4, 2009

Would you like Porcelain or Paper....

Depending on if you have a local community church, they offer a variety of life groups. Or should I segregation pods.

You will find:

College Young Adult
Single Young Adult
Wishing I wasn't single young adult hoping to find my mate
New Marrieds
Married with company
Given up on marriage single purpose
Single Parents

Commonly, each group consists of a mixer, guest speaker/message topic and ending with announcements and activities to sign up for. It should be of no surprise of which group I've been going to. There was a time when I wanted to be a member of this exclusive club for such a long time. After each time we meet, Mr. G gets to hear the run down of what I observed.

In a nut shell, you could say I've struggled with this group.

Just about each time we meet, we introduce ourselves and state how long we've been married. Right now, the G family is the baby in the group where as 75% have almost 5 or more years experience under their belts. This means we rent an apartment, struggle to have our own allowance money after all the bills and pray things will get better.

Not exactly the same life woes to relate to.

After our discussion, a couple hosts dinner at their house for further socialization. Now what could be wrong with this activity? Free dinner and someone else had to clean and cook. If anything makes food taste even better....its the company you have. As we get older, some things never change. The men group up with the men and the women do the same for conversation. I dread this part the most.

My experience is as follows:

Follow another couple to a nice suburban neighborhood
Walk through well put together house with spectacular kitchen you'll never have
Sit by yourself or hope another group will adopt you into conversation group or better yet see if the guys will let you in.....
Sit and eat dinner where you estimate how much it cost to put on this kind of spread
Smile and nod at conversations which consist of gardening, layovers in airports on your way home from Rome, crafts.....and of course, house buying.

Most of the women look like they came from the same china pattern. Husbands with good jobs, disposable income and bodies half the size of me. I guess I may be more use to nicked/chipped china or paper plates. Not always pretty or the most stable, but gets the job done.

I don't know how long I'll try this group out. Thoughts of doing my own have crossed my mind. Couples who don't have their acts together...still figuring out being married...and can talk about something other than the above conversation topics!

If only I could trade company with those who have kids at those dinners. Reality at its best!

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