Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I cried uncle.....

So I succumbed to a craft project.

After stopping by the library for some books I judged by the cover in hopes I would like them (So far a lot of un-needed cussing), Craft Warehouse sucked me in. But I like this place far better than the commercial Michaels. They focus on more home decor projects than everything made from foam pieces and floral arrangements.

Running out of laundry soap on my day off proved to provide a needed "free" supply....brown grocery bags.

So I sat and watched day time television of mothers giving birth as I slapped paper mache in a bowl.

I have to say, it came out pretty nicely. Now I have to apply paint and figure out how not to butcher the insides with my only one piece of material. Something tells me I'll be back for a replacement....

finished product to post when done.

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  1. and why is there no finished product pic yet?