Friday, June 26, 2009

Birthdays and your spouse.....

We are closing in on almost 1 month away till Mr. G's birthday. Which has left me a bit puzzled on what to grace upon him that will meet or beat last year. Since he is a man of adventure, I saved up to give him a one hour flying lesson in a 4 person sesna. And yes he had the controls for most of the flying time. He had a great time....I puked in my purse. Needless to say I didn't keep it and was worth the sacrifice of not doing it in my camera bag.

Little to my knowledge, this gift earned me brownie points towards my birthday where I was asked to wed Mr. G while on a dinner cruise.

Now how does one out do that? I can't afford a flying lesson to the moon. Mr. G is also scratching his head as to do something bigger of a proposal since our birthdays are just about a month apart.

Here is what I have tried so far and come up empty handed....

Shooting range-They require you to own your own gun. Another place will let you rent one, but require another buddy to pay also. So combine those costs with amo, targets, shooting time comes out to an expensive birthday experience.

Columbia River- We don't own a boat and have come up with no connections returning my request to go out with them and enjoy an afternoon on the water while we help chip in on the gas.

I have cooked him dinner before as a special meal and done books he likes in the past....The fancy watch has already been purchased in the past, he has business clothes. We don't need more things as we have enough. Much like myself, I rather get him an experience he will treasure for years to come. There is one item I have purchased for a stinking killer deal at 99% off the original. But its not exactly a bells and whistles gift.

So I ask those of you who read this hidden you have any ideas for a great husband birthday gift? Keep in mind our time off together let alone over night is very hard to get and the day falls on a Monday.

Please leave a comment!

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  1. no one else has a suggestion? sheesh. i don't have one either, but wanted you to know i was gonna think about it :o) time's running out, eh?