Sunday, June 7, 2009

Why must we craft?

I am fighting the biggest urge to become crafty again. Seems most married or mothers have an Etsy account and are selling goods from the personal craft room. (no offense to those who do). After getting lost in other blog rolls (peoples public posted links to other blogs they read), I discovered a very crafty one that has something for the sewing/graphic design/Martha Stewart crafter. Something for the kids, house, someone else's kids/home......

There is a box I have that has the last endeavors of my time. You'll find the glue gun here, fabric scraps and jewelery making. Do I dare pull any of it out so I can make something else that stays in the back room because we don't have room for it or pass it on to the next victi...ummm blessed individual :)

Why does it seem to always be the women!

Men work, hunt for the remote, gather to play D&D and play dumb to a messy apartment.

Women work, cook, clean and when its all done...craft!

Its like we have a gene most men lack. We go from turning our office into a nursery only to be converted into our personal craft room after the kid leaves the nest for good.

Then there are those who love crafts and those who love to buy craft supplies. My mother is guilty of this passion. Boxes and boxes full of rubber stamping supplies only to be stocked away for when she has a craft room. I don't know if she'll ever get around to using any of it. Chances are I will inherit most of it when she passes.

Maybe I would feel more productive when inspiration strikes if I had a house to apply it to? My efforts would not be wasted on some leased out place who wouldn't care to keep the abstract wall mural or holes.

I don't sew

I lost my workshop to moving away from home

Our office isn't even put together! It hosts my computer desk and the pile of things neither of us want to deal with until we think we still need it when we move again. Oh how the cycle continues.

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  1. Crafting is just a good outlet for creative energy, so as long as you have that - no need to craft!