Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hey, its my mouth and money too ya know!

Why is it that men want to be in charge of their wives that when it comes to talking to doctors and such, they interrupt.........thinking they know your body better?

Due to lack of proper dental care that later portion of growing mouth needs a lot of work. This is on top of the past 3 grand worth getting done before I moved here. I HATE THE DENTIST. Never do I leave with good news. I loathe much like taking the car to the mechanic. How much is it going to cost me this time?

For what they want to do this time around, I think installing multiple laptops would be highly entertaining than boring crowns.

Yet when on speaker phone I get the "be quiet, let me talk" look and lips from Mr. G while the dentist is explaining the estimate. Then I am explained of the reason why he wanted me to not speak, as I was getting agitated at what this would all cost.

OH NO! How about having the control over my body taken away like I was 10 and didn't have a say in my health yet.

Then with cost being discussed, our budget and where are we come up. Since the beginning of our marriage, Mr. G has been the banker. I wanted him to make sure we stay on task while also reduce out debt. But when you are asked if you can afford something and look in your wallet and only see ????.....this leaves me a bit shaken. Turning a blind eye to all the little things only makes things worse about all our bills.

When I get agitated, my body gets tense and I do my own little fit when patience has been for the most part spent.

I don't want to know ALL the details of our money matters, but have some control over the left overs. Putting money in different spending accounts like for clothes, Costco, when the need arises, I have a better way to know if we can spend it and what other accounts would have to give up to cover if done for too much. I think the hardest part is not going out to eat. I don't always feel up to cooking and who wouldn't want a quick fix?

Why is it always the little things?

I guess this is my rant after feeling frustrated........but hey, its the first year!

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