Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Domestication at its Best

When a woman gets married, its assumed that she'll be the domestic side of her husband. "No need to stress Mr. G, I'll take care of that trouble some laundry that piles up. What? You have no lunch for tomorrows day of work? let me take care of that." Most of my friends will tell you I was domesticated long before I was married. I invested into kitchen and home goods instead of electronics, but I didn't have all the pivotal pieces one registers for their wedding.

Sign.....the Kitchen Aid mixer will have to wait.

But with the high tech trend in gadgets, I felt validated as a wife when we received a glass covered cake platter. You know the one they try and sell you on by showing how you can turn it into a punch bowl. When I bake, instead of a cookie jar, I place the extra goodies under a glass prison.

Besides picking up other wifely duties, the ultimate one would have to be hosting. You host other couples, out of town family and whoever comes through the door. Most of the time, these guests do not make you sweat at the thought of their visit (Okay, maybe an inlaw). Except the one who has the most financial power in your current life.

This would be having your boss or bosses over for dinner.

I have never gone to this much work and fuss over a visit. The above picture is of my new dining room table. A perfect find at Ikea in the As-Is section. For only a few dings which you have to point out, we got 100 bucks plus or so knocked off the price leaving us with the ability to get four chairs to go with. My single days were had at a bare bones table with chairs coincidently also from Ikea when I first moved away from home. Nothing was wrong with it until we started having guests over for meals and were practically eating off of each others plates! A tiny table for not tiny people. After all the plates, glasses, silver wear....there was only room for the salt and pepper shakers.

So what is such the big deal about this table and my bosses? Well maybe the reason could be we bought the sucker the night before! The chairs were unfinished pine which required an additional trip to Home Depot to find a dark enough stain. There we were that night on our deck staining pieces of wood in hopes that it would be done in time for tomorrows pivotal and classic old sitcom episode. I have never gone to this much trouble cleaning and cooking in my life. At least I feel proud to have cleaned the bathrooms and have them used by our guests. It would always be Murphy's Law that if I cleaned a certain room other then the main, no one would see my efforts.

And what did you have for dinner?

Balsamic BBQ sauce..home made
Grilled chicken breast
Mr. G's macaroni salad
Raspberry and walnut salad with spring mix greens
Sliced watermelon

They brought a pie, so at least I didn't have to worry about anything more.

With this being my day off, it hardly felt like one after the business. It could have been the cooking, it could have been the cleaning or spot staining and chair assembly. Or the fact that Mr. G cracked his radiator the night before and had to be his personal driver to the mechanic and to work. Sigh, I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow on my next day off to sleep in.

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