Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And so let it begin

This summer will by my first one in which I will have never experienced it before. 1st, this is my first one married and 2nd, my job position has me in charge of a lot of chaos. Not to mention my days off will get moved around, but never right next to each other. Registration forms to double check, transportation to cover, people to call and scholarships to issue.

I am left today feeling a little out of sorts. It was hard to tell myself of the day off I had before me. The day had dragged on and I was spent......

I don't feel very inspired to do any house work, but to lay in bed with my new book. I've had quite the kick to utilize the public library far more then anything which came close to my early childhood years where it was a cool place to go. As I got older and would visit here and there, the urge to continue up the stairs to the children's dept crept. Almost like the same sadness of when your health insurance won't pay for you to see the pediatrician who treated you since birth just because you became 18. Or when you out grew the age limit of going to summer camp.

Each summer was never the same, but I can only remember a handful.

Back in the wee days, our family use to take 3 week road trips to see family. Then there was going to Disneyland once a year in the summer. I was never the one to sign up for Summer school unless I could see a very good reason why. County fairs occupied a few high school years where I showed my livestock and sold to private buyers or at auction. When I was too old for camp but too young to get a summer job, counting down the days till school began. Day time television became stale and everyone else seemed to be doing something far more exciting than guessing if the denture cream cost more or less than the box of cereal on the Price is Right.

And if you had nothing else to do but had 75 cents, you could catch a ride in a full mini van and head to the public pool.

Those were the days.....

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