Monday, June 29, 2009

The finished product and more

So, like I said in a previous blog about crafting, I was working on a paper mache bowl. After working with it and due to the wonderful sewing talents of a friend of mine, here is what turned out. As I work on a second one, trying to get a more even/less warping bubble forming during the drying process...we will see how it goes. The "e" doesn't stand for anything, just a random letter to pick. Kind of like those numbers on shirts you get at Old Navy. People ask you what they mean thinking you of all people would have an inside connection to the textile graphic designer!
The e was hand painted on. I wasn't about to pay 5 dollars for one of those vinal letters which I am sure would screw up the application of it. This must be where they make all their money at craft stores...having to buy multiple supplies from past experience or fear of destroying what you had.

In other industrious news....

We have these nice Calphalon pans which are from our wedding gifts. After being tired of throwing out a non stick pan about once a year or looking the other way when those black non stick flecks were becoming even more noticeable....I wanted pans which were not hand me downs despite being new or ones which distributed heat more evenly. I hate that where we live, most everyone has electric ranges. Cooking would be much more enjoyable by NOT burning all my food up in certain areas while leaving insides uncooked.

The care instructions state: Do not exceed 450 degree, no dishwasher, no metal utensils. We hand wash these suckers, but then wrestle and struggle on where to put them away as I do not want to telescope them in fear of hurting the non stick coating. So after thought, my space where the sink is looked a little bare. Now with only a common hammer and a few nails...the problem is solved while also looking pleasing to the eye and bringing the effect of a woman who knows how to cook.

No need for fancy Ikea kitchen essentials....just some elbow grease!

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