Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So...where do you want to eat?

If you are married, maybe you've been in this senario....

I had the day off and had spent most of it with not a whole lot of structure. My new book has sucked me in and I finished my craft project (Pictures to post). With this being said, I caught something to eat in the kitchen at my leisure. This put my lunch at a very unlikely time, pushing to 3:30.

At around 6:45, Mr. G comes home. I apologize for the lack of dinner on the table, stating I was not very inspired (or disgusted at the lack of clean kitchen Mr. G neglected to help spruce up). He said it was okay. Push came to shove, I would make a sandwich and have a snack for myself later.

Back to my book.

Then he comes in the bedroom and says, lets go out to eat...where do you want to go?

I hate this question.

We live at the home of mediocre eating places. Over priced chains and places I am simply tired of. The only suggestion I have is ordering take out and having the night in. This way I can nibble and take the rest for lunch tomorrow....aka pizza. This was not exactly his idea of dinner. Being that my stomach was not exactly hungry, I shoot down most of his suggestions which didn't vary a whole lot to begin with. I am sorry but Sharies and Denny's are the same place with different decor.

We end up having a big fight which finds us at the debating table where if any fight has occurred, it gets solved in a more adult like manner. We decide to start the bedroom discussion over again with said changes.

Instead of giving me too many choices, he says he has as place and we head to the car. The place is Olive Garden. Not high on my list due to cost and portions given, as we park the car and walk towards the front doors, I ask what the second choice was. Remembering this choice was not what I wanted, my mind goes towards Changs Mongolian Grill.

Back in the car and away we go again, mind you its now almost 9 PM.

We are seated and I look at the menu. Dinner had gone up in price and they took away the one dish run making it so you could not take any leftovers home. Grrrrrrrr! Not what I wanted or wanted to pay when I wasn't all that hungry.

Back to Olive Garden.....

I ate my soup and had some bread sticks while bagging the main dish for tomorrow.

Men and women are certainly different. I see going out to eat as a means to be fed. Mr. G see's it as his contribution towards not being able to cook the same that I do for him during the week. Otherwise I would have been just fine going to a place he wanted and nibbling off his and reading a book inbetween. Communication is something that no book can fully tell you how to do it!

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