Friday, June 12, 2009

My sick grumpy bear

When I was single and sick, how I missed having someone there to help and fetch me medications or comfort food from the store. At the time I had strep throat and was engaged, my fiance would drive me to the clinic, get my prescriptions and get me any food I requested in my sad state.

Now the tables have turned. Mr. G and I are married and it was his turn to be sick and I play the roll of nurse. If only he would let me!

For as sick as he was, I had to fight him on everything. from what he would be eating, taking his temperature and what OTC medications to have. He didn't want to go to the Dr. but something told me that things were not getting better and any advice would take some time getting here. We ended up going to urgent care where they did some blood work. But most importantly was the fact of not being hydrated enough. So they tanked him up on 2 litters of fluid.

It was nice to see Mr. G coming back to me after this nasty bear had occupied his seat. By doctors orders, he is to take the rest of the week off. Good thing for PTO.

Now the question is, will I get the same virus? Lets hope my exposure to bugs has helped build my resistance to whatever crap Mr. G brought home.

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