Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Better Watch the Water

So it seems that a lot of people around me or in my network are all getting prego. Not to mention there is a flood of baby boys. Yippie, may our girls have more to pick from than the other current trend most of my adult single women friends are dealing with.

The common joke when there is a baby wave is, "Is there something in the water?" And for all you earth polluting bottled water lovers out there.....you are not any more safer. (note, I am not an eco hippie freak, so drink away) Thus far, I have avoided this tainted water. Yet when I hear of good news about the new future family a couple is going to have, my stomach slightly lurches. Whoa...like an old memory resurfacing. When I was single and had no prospects to beat off with a stick, the news of couples getting engaged would hit me like a truck. They had every right to be happy and run to the wedding registry. If only I could bring myself to purchase a ticket on this happy train along with all the other well wishers. Of course finding a suitor and getting engaged myself and married helped those feelings fade away.

Until last night......

Reading the news from a fellow blogger.com: 3 out of 2 that they had started trying and successfuly won the swimers lottery. (Congratulations by the way) The stomach lurching had returned!

My husband and I long to have a family some day. Both being only children, we know the pain that comes with being an only. Plans to start "trying" all depend on future plans/timing of both going for additional schooling and then towards the last of the second year when we will be done...we'll give it the old college try. But since we are not following down the traditional paths of starting a family right now or buying our first home, it leaves one rather alone on this path. The attractivenss of having a little peanut who looks like you both is hard to ignor.

But its a lot of hard work!

As many times that I've heard children are a blessing, they are a lot of work. Wait, hard work seems like an understatement.....they are Superbowl of hard work. No instruction manual, lack of sleep, taxed parents, lack of alone time and hospital bills which could take to pay off until they are out of diapers!

(Looks for her pen to sign up)

As Mrs. Winters would call it, a heart vs. brain. My rational idealistic brain is saying..."Are you crazy!" while the heart coos "But they are sooo cute and God made them from you and Mr. G.

I guess I should just accept the fact that I will battle this until we are given the green light to do a little multiplying.

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