Sunday, March 4, 2012


This entry is of a personal bodily function and may be too personal or 
disturbing to any prudish folks out there. If you feel this might be you....
check back in on another day. Kay?


This is what I've been trying to get my left breast to do over the weekend. I woke up early Friday morning, feeling engorged. So since Eliza had woken up, I thought I would give in and feed vs. crying it out. 

Strangely, there wasn't a whole lot of relief after nursing. So I continued feeding more on that side before work.

Then after being at work for little more than an hour, I started to feel crummy. You know, that achy tired crashing wave over your body? A true indication that I am really and truly sick is when I come home and my ADHD self doesn't get up from the couch for 4 hours.

I hurt....and hurt big time.

Pumping didn't get much done either.

Mr. G googles "plugged milk duct" and grabs something off Baby Center. The internet has been our substitute health care coverage while we wait until coverage can come our way. Thanking the Lord for medicaid for Eliza.

I had the flu like symptoms, but no fever so with rest, Advil and my baby we decided to wait it out as it wasn't looking like Mastitis.

Man oh this painful! After the baby had gone to bed, I found the best way to express milk was by myself. Through hands and my own mouth.....all I wanted was the plug to get sucked out and give me a happy left side again. Never had I seen traces of blood get expressed as the prefold absorbed my efforts.

Church was skipped today so I could "cram" all the nursing in I could along with heat pack treatment. We cuddled, stayed in our pajamas and watched episodes or Storage Wars and Toddlers & Tiaras. It has been a LONG time since I have spent a sick day (excluding my maternity leave) on the couch, and my first being sick and watching a baby in the process.

I only hope Eliza doesn't think today is how the days will go from now on.

Sigh...someday we shall be weaned!

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