Sunday, March 11, 2012

And She's Off!

Our size 2 feet and size 2 diaper wearing baby

Well, it's happened. Our little girl has has taken her first independent steps at just a week shy of 11 months. It started with 3 steps when I let go of her hands and she took them towards me to hold back on to them. Then a little later, 7 more followed when I stood her up, let go and walked backwards with her chasing me. When daddy came home, she took 3-4 more towards him from mommy.

I had wondered about her balance when catching her let go from furniture to stand. For a while she would walk with us as long as we held her hands. The only thing lacking was balance. Crawling is still her preferred mode of mobility when getting from cruising to cruising furniture. But I am sure we will be seeing more dare devil stunts when she realizes at just what she can do with out mommy and daddy setting her up.   

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