Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mid-Late-Week Confessions


So I have finally decided to get serious about weening Eliza. The only way I knew I would be better at doing it was to go back on the ADHD meds. Its one of those class C drugs where they don't really know the effects. I do know this kind does go into the milk some, but I take it in the morning. So this leaves one morning nursing session still available. She seems to be doing okay with this for during the day, so say a little prayer for her and I as it's going to be interesting trying to reduce my supply and not get plugged.

I have to say though, this med I am on is wonderful for the added bonus of curbing my appetite. Food isn't so much on my mind and I can say no to all sorts of goodies. It doesn't feel at all like a diet either. I just eat much less than with out. Here is to getting rid of whatever lingering baby weight is left!

Starting to think about trying for another baby in 6-8 months. Kind of scary but praying our little family can get some better stability in the employment and health insurance department. Yet again it's not much of a break from breast feeding and getting more of my life back while on medication. I guess if the Lord desires it, He'll give me the comfort and peace about it. After all, this peace was given about having Eliza. Being naive about all the ups and downs about pregnancy is a blessing with your first one.

I haven't printed out party invites yet. I know they have to get done, but feeling unmotivated about the party compared to Jan when I got all excited and was pinning stuff on Pintrest. I swear, that site is paved with good intentions!

I am happy things are starting to warm up here in the North East, but kinda bummed about having to be good on shaving my legs. I was quickly reminded about it when putting on some capris....yeah..... not pretty.

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