Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sell it Baby!

As I looked at our garage storage, the feelings of too much stuff pilling up was getting to me. The baby gear which has been out grown will just have to stay put as we are certainly not done in this department. Yet I hate to hold on to clothes that we may or may not even use for the next baby. Arg....

An opportunity to buy a table at our church's indoor rummage sale peaked my interest. Yet, did I seriously have enough to make the 20 dollar donation worth it? I knew of a few items, but then thought it would be better if I split a table with my neighbor, hence less out of my profits.

After making a small pile of things in the garage, I felt content and left it at that. Yet when on the night before of setting up shop....I was surprised at just how much stuff was for sale. There were a few wedding gift items either still in the box or used only a few times, interview shoes, kitchen items etc...I didn't want to take much home afterwards but wasn't THAT desperate to let them go for very little. I even decided to sell brand new clothes with tags that we just never got around to or weren't right for the season, which did well in selling.

With being armed with a Dunkin Donuts run and baby in a pack and play, the doors opened at 9 am.

Having friends in the church was awesome as for when Eliza had enough of her prison, we played "pass the baby". Then she did a great job flirting with passers by and getting to at least take a look. Shoot...she even took a 45 min nap with all the comings and goings of folks. My goals of this sale was to be done with the love seat as who want's to have to reload that sucker, and if we made $100, I would be happy.

Well, after the love seat finally went for a steal of $30 as the sale was over, I almost doubled what I was hoping for with $185.25. Yippie! Baby girl is going to have a nice 1st birthday party with some of this money :)

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