Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Non Mid Week confessions

Okay, not really in the mid week confessions mood this week, so I'll throw some sort of post for ya

Eliza getting her EKG

This week was spent at getting a second EKG since Eliza was born. We wanted to know if she had inherited any of Mr. G's issues in order to be safe. Eliza did amazingly well for holding still. Now WHY can't she do this for me during diaper changes!? Since cardiology is right next door to Labor/Delivery, I poked my head in to see if any of the nurses of mine were on duty. No such luck as two mamas were about to drop a baby, but my room was empty. Its hard to believe that we were here a little less than a year ago. As we left, the biggest pain in my heart was felt.

I wanted to be in labor....

I wanted to be the one everyone was getting excited about...

I wanted to be in great anticipation in bringing a whole new life into our family.

Yes, I know those thoughts sound very vain, but I can't help the fact that they are very honest. I don't have the desire to relive the pregnancy per say with my daughter again. I love the person she is developing into and all the fun stuff we are getting to enjoy with her.

We are now the new proud owners of a baby gate! It is one of those gates with in a gate. It just got down to the hassles of one of us being in the office while the other in the living room. Not all the doors would be shut and she was finding her own fun to be had.

We've experienced a fluke vomiting session. Four heaves, 2 shirt changes and a fitted bed sheet change with in an hour....and she seems just fine later in the day. I don't know how she can drink that pedialite though....yuck! Or maybe it was just the strawberry flavor.

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