Wednesday, March 21, 2012

At times when I am feeding my daughter, I don't have the time/patients to find a knife to delicately chop or slice up the food to be better manageable. So what does a mom do you ask? Why be a momma bird and loosely chop up chunks in my mouth and dump on plate! I only do this at home mind you, so not to worry if we dine next to each other.

I pinned something simple on Pintrest and it got 337 repins! Holly cow. It is not even my work, but I feel kinda special despite the fact.

We've managed to get down to just one morning feeding, but I must confess it doesn't feel all that special as it once did. I know she is growing up, and she is not my little newborn or even 6 month old. Waiting to get to a year until I say good bye to breast feeding for her sake.

I am actually looking forward to my mother visiting for a while while we celebrate Eliza's birthday. She has missed out on so much of her growing up in person, that I am curious as to how Eliza will react to a person who she has heard on the phone more than in the flesh. It will be interesting since this time I will be working part time and she taking care of her while I am away and whenever Mr. G will be working. Too bad you have to have another baby to get maternity leave...hurmph.

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