Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Drug of Choice

There is nothing like a wonderful warm and semi sunny Saturday to make those in the North East go a little nuts. It's like this wonderful drug that sweeps over you, the best antidepressant, better than cuddling after sex kind of feeling. After just breaking a sweat with doing a few house chores, I busted out the summer clothes from the storage closet!

Today was a family day. A modest lunch at Ponderosa and a visit to Whims-n-Doodles with unexpected damage done (hard to resist cloth diaper designs and what nots) started the afternoon off after a nice lazy morning where I got to enjoy a nap even! 

I know I am biased, but I think that little tummy showing 
and delighted smile is rather cute dontchya think?

To burn off lunch and enjoy this weather, we finally after 2 years of living here decided to try this trail off the 840. Baby girl was looking very spring like and appropriate for St. Patty's Day with out the dark green everything. Mommy loved to pull out some 12 month warm weather clothes from the closet just for her. We ended up walking almost 3 miles, walking past many other people out enjoying the day. Eliza ended up finishing the last stint with a nap. Who wouldn't want to be pushed around with drink in hand?

The evening was finished out with tearing up the play corner to put down a better foam play mat and watching Rio for the first time. We hardly get to the theater and caught up on a few titles such as Puss N Boots, Smurfs, and later on for mommy-Brides Maids.

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