Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Today was just one of those days!

I am finding myself becoming more of a morning shower person since being a mommy. By the time little one is down for good.....I want to hop online or take care of the zillion things to do list. Then I realize a)It is just a few minutes to my bed time and b)I am TIRED! The thought of having to do the whole shower and hair care afterwards seems sooo painful when my bed is calling.

Almost said screw it to going to my MOPS meeting. I had taken a mini nape in the morning and by the time I was to be leaving, Mr. G informs me to get up. Little one had not been fed, changed or dressed. I of course was in the same situation. Then throw in a dash of struggling baby....yeah....I came close to throwing my own tantrum.

I know why I love cloth diapers better over disposables. When in cloth, the poop doesn't go up the back. When will they learn to put elastic back there to keep all the piddles in place?

I REALLY want little one to be walking by her birthday. I have such cute clothes waiting for her, not to mention when at her birthday party. Crawling and dresses just don't do so hot.

I feel fat. No really, I feel FFFFFFFFFFFFAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTT. I will be in the middle of doing something and I'll notice some part of my body start to jiggle. Then I can't ignore said jiggle and it drives me nuts! Clothes are fitting me or hitting me in weird places. I am not sure if its a matter of needing to do some crunches, breast feeding etc or to get pregnant so I can justify the extra....but I am attempting to try and make some better food choices. Just right after this last conversation heart.

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