Saturday, March 31, 2012

Parental Merritt Badge

Yep, we've earned a new Merritt Badge for being a parent. Its the nearly midnight trip to the emergency room. For this last week Eliza has been kinda "off" of sorts. Nothing crazy that it would require a visit to the doctor, but just monitoring after some Tylenol. It wasn't until Thursday night that she was very clingy and felt warm. We continued the TLC into the next morning and thought we had whatever was up licked. Yet at our mommy and me activity with MOPS, my regularly social child was not fond of being much anywhere else but with me. Not even snacks, her bottle and being outside in the swing would crack a smile.

I went to work later in the afternoon and daddy was on duty. He ended up giving some Motrin prior to my returning home. She still felt warm and didn't want to be ANYWHERE but on my chest. After going to bed early, we thought we would see where things were in the morning.

Two hours later, we heard faint whimpers from her room and then would cease. This trend continued for the next hour after I would check on her and find her asleep instead of standing up demanding to be taken out of the crib. She was quite warm. Took her temp again and it was low grade, yet she sounded pretty pitiful.

Our hospital of choice is about 20 minutes away, but well worth it for the care and service we've been given there in the past. To our luck, it was a quiet night and we got a room fairly quickly. An RSV test was given and chest x-rays were taken as her pulse ox was a bit all over the place. Those came back negative. Temperature was taken and low and behold, 103! No wonder she had no interest in much of anything than mommies arms.

Then we come to find out she had a double ear infection. Poor thing! Tylenol, motrin, antibiotics and some numbing ear drops were given. She sucked down 4 oz of pedialyte and was upset when she ran dry. But oh how funny our little "drunk" was when the drugs started to take effect and we saw her usual smile return. 

We arrived home around 3:30 ish and crashed. Saturday plans were just going to take a back seat to staying home and watching movies on the couch. But I feel like I have a new born that I never had before. Sleeping and cries is what is filling most of our day.

The brief time today of being mostly awake watching UP

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