Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's or Single's Awareness Day

However you describe it, this day brings on a host of issues for either side. Singles embrace more bitterness while couples eat up every sappy card and squeeze teddy bears extra tight.

I think the most anticipated and really enjoyed Valentine's Day I had was when Matt and I were still dating. You were happy to have someone special to celebrate it, but unscathed by the harsh realities of how hard it can be to really LOVE a person selflessly in marriage.

With our wedding anniversary only 7 days past this momentous celebration among card companies, chocolatiers and kinda trumps most of the excitement traditionally found in Valentines. With money being tight, we rather invest the extra into the day that should matter most in the year. Vows which have been the toughest to keep day in and day out. Throw kids into the mix and you've got sand thrown into your eyes as you try and see past the exhaustion it takes to keep a family together while not ignoring your spouse.

As much as you might hate to agree...Valentines Day is more for the singles than married. You haven't built up a tolerance to all the oxytocin in your system, so everything is new and dare I say...exciting? Yet, if you were to try and convince me of this while single, I would have been tempted to spit in your face, hehe.  

So that is my take. Anyone else agree or disagree?

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