Tuesday, February 18, 2014

So Many Thoughts

In this new year, I knew this was to be a year needing MANY answers for our family. This week is being spent in prayer and petition for guidance. With a now possible reality possibly taking place, it has brought up numerous emotions evoking a whole new perspective on change.

I have a love/hate relationship with change. I don't do well with change, but at the same time will demand it. Well, maybe demand the change that I have control over. I like to have control, like most others do enjoy. I will plan things or fly by the seat of my pants plan when in the heat of the moment at work.

This possible new change brings the first half to be one I do control.It will allow me to have much more control over my life. But on the other side of the change, a lot is out of my control and will push my faith into a stream I have not yet walked through. It would tease my urge to control something I use to have control over, but due to my choice, I will no longer have the power I once had. It is a power that comes with great stress and responsibility. It is a power that will grant me a different kind which comes also with the former, but in a more personal and intimate setting.

If God does open the doors we are knocking on this week and grants a peace only HE can bestow...I will certainly let you all know.

Blessings and prayers.

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