Thursday, February 27, 2014

Nolan's 12 Month Stats

Our long awaited Well Baby visit has come and gone. I was curious as to how the stats would go and his weight.Nolan had felt much heavier recently, but also seemed to slim down at the same time. So here we are:

Height: 30.25 (53rd %)
Weight: 20.2 (8th %)
Head: 47.75 (80th %)

Eliza 12 month comparison:
Height: 70% at 29.75 inches
Weight: 20% at 19.5 oz
Head: 9% 

The only thing that was of concern to the doctor was his weight. She doesn't want to see him fall much more off the curve. Funny though...if he was on the girls growth chart...he'd be more than fine. But she did state that he didn't look scrawny. How different in the head size though. We are also in store for some molars coming soon as they were found to be swollen back there.

As always, he didn't want much to do with the Doctor and prefered to be in mommy's arms :) Here is to new developments in the next few months!

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