Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dog Sledding

In the past, I have always been working during this event. I hated missing all these fun things in the afternoon, but with this being the week of winter break, I was able to change my schedule in order to go. This is held at a small local library by a father and daughter team. The library director is a mentor mom with our MOPS group and she always making sure we know of these fun and free events. I am always trying to find new and fun experiences for my kids when possible...and I am sure this will be a highlight of their young lives.

Eliza found a cozy place to get into a book

Doggie Kisses

After I had been searching, this is where I found her hiding

I LOVE window lighting

A friend of mine helping out with a determined toddler throwing a fit

Getting on their leads and ready to head out

I was pretty thrilled with the fact that Nolan was on board with riding with his sister. 
He'd been fussy and not happy to be stuck in the jogger while outside.

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