Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pee Pee in the Potty

I am writing chronicling this as I venture down our journey with Eliza to toilet training land. So if you find this stuff to be a little boring or TMI...now is the time to close this blog tab :)

It all started when one morning I noticed that she had a dry diaper after going all night and after breakfast before church. Mr. G stated that he had not changed her earlier. So in my curiosity, I asked her to try sitting on her little potty. It was met with resistance, so I then asked her about the big potty. This was also met with resistance. By not listening, it earned her a quick swipe on the bottom and then she complied. I started singing the Sunday school song, My God is so Big to help relax her.

Sure enough....pee pee in the potty!

While at church, they tried to get her to go with them, but with no success. After church and after eating our dinner, I noticed a dry diaper and thought of making another try.

Tinkle tinkle!

Later in the afternoon, she had peed in her diaper and then had an accident in the cloth trainers...but I hadn't been very diligent in prompting her. After bath time, we had another success.

Stickers are a very good incentive reward for her, and we have reserved some Jake and the Neverland Pirates ones for just this kind of victory. They are also used for being cooperative during speech therapy.

I am a pretty happy and slightly relieved (no pun intended) at today's results since it has been sporadic interest in using the potty and holding it for any real length of time. Especially to go all night.

I swear, her methods do not make sense most of the time and bewilder this mommy.

Updates will follow this post as we see how any continued efforts go.

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