Monday, February 24, 2014

Leaping By Faith

As you are reading this today, I will or will have turned in my letter of resignation and stepping down from my position as the Youth Director.

As some of my long time readers have known, I have long desired to be a full time SAHM. It has pained me gratefully of having to pay someone else to watch my children while I go and play with other people's children. Especially when the Summer months hit. It had required me to work full time, spending most of it inside a gym of basement in very sweating, soaking your undies sort of humidity. And without fail, it would rain on the weekends.

The biggest reason for this life changing decision is due to the fact that by me working, it is costing us more than we can afford. Childcare is not the obvious cost. We've been blessed with very affordable rates.But with this being said, it does take a chunk out of my weekly pay. It is the hidden and even small costs that have been adding up. Catching dinner through the drive-thru or out to eat because neither of us were able to get dinner going before hand. The house suffers with being backlogged on chores. We are both under a lot of stress and responsibility with our jobs and ministry, which takes a toll on our marriage.

As the years have piled up with this lifestyle and job losses or pay cuts...the previous debt has only increased. When your next biggest monthly expense next to rent is a credit card payment the size of a very nice new can be depressing when the reason for a lot of the debt is by buying food and gas.

For tax purposes, I have to quit my job. This means we can downsize to one car and sell the other. Our recent tax return has gone to pay off one card which is also getting closed. Less gas costs and insurance will be required and another card balance will be cut in half, making the payment easier to stomach.

I won't kid around about the fact that I know this year will come with growing pains. We will have to give up some luxury conveniences and being content with what we have already. There are a lot of things to do for free out there, but the cost of gas has to be considered. Our cooked meals will have to be on the simple end. By my not working, we should qualify for WIC. Using this program has been a difficult thing for Mr. G to be okay with, based on his own personal morals and convictions about state aid programs.

If all goes to plan, March 28th will be my last day at work.

Stay tuned for PART TWO of my thoughts on this.

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