Friday, February 10, 2012

What's in a Name

Not that we are trying or anything, but in my side thoughts from day to day, I will randomly come up with possible future baby names for either boy or girl. I know, weird but we do want another baby...or possibly 2 more :)

Girls: Adele, Ruby, Adelyn 

Boys: Solomon, Gideon, Vaughn

Mr. G is a tough critic when it comes to a name for his child. He is very much the tough critic as the meaning means more than the name itself. For me, it's the opposite. You'll hear the name much more than the meaning. Out of these five, the underlined ones are those which have not been shot down. Before we came to the agreement of Eliza, Evelyn was in consideration before the actual name. Yet, it hadn't settled completely with Mr. G and was up for another consideration. Then while on vacation and know what we'd really be having, I brought up on the phone and of all the "E" names, Eliza caught my eye.

I would be thrilled to pieces to have another girl. Heck, we've certainly got quite the stock pile of cute as can be hand me downs. I am saddened by the thoughts of if every piece of out grown clothing put away in a plastic tote will never feel the warmth of my next child. There are some stinking cute outfits with wonderful lovely patterns. Some not worn enough!

Only God knows the future and the blessings He'll entrust us with.

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