Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ah yes, another Wednesday has arrived for Mid Week Confessions....

I feel rather torn about Valentines day. You see, its one week before our wedding anniversary where this year will mark three years of wedded (insert your own adjective here). Right before our wedding, we went out to a sushi buffet place called Todai in Portland OR. Yet with it being Valentines day and getting to go on a special date, it felt some what low key when we were use to this day feeling much more twitter patted in the past. This year, the day before, my husband had his barbershop group come by work and sing a few songs along with a bouquet of flowers. Most of this day of love was him gone doing the same thing to paying patrons. I got to dine on tuna noodle casserole as part of the church dinner right before Tuesday night youth programming. At the end of the day, the only thing sensual was Mr. G rubbing lotion on my ashy elbows in my pathetic tired state. Yes, this is the romance only marriage can offer!

You know those pull tab spouts on soda like cans....well they are sharp. We found this out after I took one away from Eliza and then found blood smeared ALL over the lower window by the dinner table. We now know why there are those tiny band aides which never seemed to do us much good before, until now. Oh hello Mr. Band aide, I wonder how long it will take until I can figure out how to get you off my stubby thumb.

At times, I hide from my daughter after I hear "In coming" from Mr. G when working in the office. All it takes is a closed door. Or if I am doing cleaning in her room, I will hear the pitter patter and become as sighlent as possible in hopes she gives up her search.

Until next week!

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