Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A sanctuary

Since moving away from home, the home I lived in for 24 years in the same bedroom no doubt, I hadn't lived for more than 2 years in any one spot. Today now breaks this statistic by one day! When living on your own and not while in college, your furnishing are resourceful to say the least. I hit up Ikea for cheap living needs before moving away from San Diego and purchased modest items. A breakfast nook like table and one LONG futon, new computer desk and book shelf were the big ticket items. An air mattress would due for my main bed. 

This was the only furniture I owned until I married

As time went on and becoming married, both Mr. G and I merged our nests together. We seemed to help bring to the table what the other was lacking. We did okay despite still lacking a few other basics. With years, out of town guests and movie nights....the faithful futon showed its age. We finally had to stack phone books under the middle after it smiled back at you when glancing from afar. There were no real arm rests and foam bolsters were added. Yet you couldn't lean up against them and stay in place. 

It was my wanna be couch.

As money has allowed, we've tried to make some modest purchases while also adopting family hand me downs (we still haven't used Grandmother G's fine bone china). Heck, 80% of Eliza's room is hand me down gifted.

But big purchase items have always seemed out of reach.

Then we became blessed by a special fund from a charitable organization that helps those in need obtain basic furniture. What a difference a new couch can make in your life. It was the   lowest priced couch we were eligible to get, but its new. Not a hand me down, thrift store, moving sale, craigslist or yard sale. It only knows one family.

Our Family


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