Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Going through a blogging vomit spell, so be prepared, you wonderful followers you!

I am feeling rather free and in good spirits right now. I am starting to have more clear boundaries between my work place and place of faith. I think its improved relationships for the better and the anxiety has decreased.

While being sick, I get so tired of having to have a tissue around that I just find a pre fold to wipe my hands off of the snot. This makes for a much less raw nose. This is of course in the privacy of my own home or car btw.

Sweets have been my down fall as of late. I feel *almost* like I'm pregnant again. Yet I know 100% that I am not right now.

While shopping around to find a bed frame we might possibly like to purchase and retire our franken bed, I needed to test the rugged sturdiness of them. So after a few shoppers left the show room, I hopped on and did the best impression of my husband I could (if you know what I mean). We aren't small folk and I am sure our neighbors who share our wall wouldn't mind us getting the right bed either ;)

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