Monday, February 27, 2012

Love in the Air

With our wedding anniversary being just 7 days after Valentines day, it kind of brings down the excitement of the holiday. Yet it helps to spread it out in celebration. We were blessed to have some tax money come in and go out to a nice restaurant where I could have the soup AND salad with the meal. Not to mention free baby sitting to boot! 
My creative red velvet pancake layer cake
You can do a lot with cake mix. I put it in our waffle maker and then cut the tops to make hears on the top and bottom. red velvet was out wedding cake and since then we've tried to make it a habit of enjoying it each year. 
Hey, I wore make up! Haven't since the baby shower

lovely Valentine flowers
Another habit of mine is to take any money we are gifted and use it for something for the house. When getting married, it was lots of fun nesting as we merged our lives and tastes together. Last year, we purchased a nice glider for the nursery. This time around it was new couch pillows, a leather storage ottoman and a handy Shark floor sweeper. With having a messy eater, I HIGHLY recommend this sweeper if you have non carpeted floors or throw rugs. Our place is now finally looking like adults live here!

Now to end this post, as Eliza has just entered and packing something SERIOUSLY dangerous in her diaper.


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