Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Being inspired to start my own, this might be a neat way to unload and free myself of those pesky things which weigh myself down when trying to be mother and wife of the year.

I can never seem to keep a system of organizing my clothes. I think if we both had our own closets and more than one dresser, things could just start to clean themselves up. While I'm at it...why not a bigger master bedroom!

Since Eliza's teeth have come in, I have yet to brush them. Heck, we aren't the greatest about our own teeth. Yet for the sake of our wallet and that we should just be doing it, I know I need to make this a habit. Oh joy....I am sure she'll love it just as much as the aspirator!

My 8 month old watches TV. There, I said it. Mommy some times needs a break while in the kitchen to get things done with out a child clinging to my pant legs.

At work I hate having to do gym all the time, but love the benefits that it brings to have less behavior issues and a quieter time for the rest of the kids. Its bitter sweet. But if I have a new game to introduce, the inner kid comes out :)

Being the fact that I wasn't the best or brightest kid in school,. I think that inner competitiveness comes out in me with my child and other peoples kids. I know I shouldn't, as all kids reach milestones on their own time table, but its HARD not to.

I don't know when my dining room table will EVER come back after I've discovered sewing :) 

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