Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh How I Miss thee

This is a picture I took of my engagement ring not too long after Mr. G proposed to me while on a dinner cruise on the Willamette River. A proposal that first happened across a table for two. A proposal that was requested a second time, done right by getting down on one knee before I even gave an answer. For being someone who didn't wear much jewelry except for earnings, to wear a ring in the first place took some getting use to. As time crept closer to our wedding day, a ring rut developed and I didn't think much about it....until I banged it against something and cringed to see the damage in the metal.

The stones chosen had an important message to it. Two sinners by the blood of Christ made pure into one. In my haste to become engaged, I didn't care if the stones were real or not. I was tired of waiting and had my final selection of a husband made up in my mind. Later on, I wondered if they would ever be replaced with the real thing.

Before my pregnancy I had lost a bit of weight due to a side effect of some medication. This caused my fingers to shrink. Then in my first trimester, while on my way to work, I lost it somewhere from the front door to the back side door at work when I arrived.

Its been a year and a half since that day and from time to time, keep holding out hope that I'll miraculously find it. But chances are, it was lost in the parking lost at work where some passer by found it and took it to one of those "Cash for Gold" places.

We've looked at possible replacement rings, but never with the rubies, never in our price range, never enough money to make it a reality again on my finger. 

Yes....its only a material possession. A silly tradition introduced by a well know ring company. A marriage is not built upon expensive metal and rare gem stones. But my true love saved what he could and gave it to me. Then fast forward to a month later and my husbands wedding band which was passed down to him from his father's grandfather was stolen out of the Walmart lost and found. He had taken it off to clean his grease monkey hands in the break room.

Anyone else lost a very special ring?

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