Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lets see what's been floating around in my consciousness shall we!

Almost thought we made another baby. Thinking it was a possibility, I didn't care in the heat of the moment. Yet I was told otherwise the other day. Breast feeding really screws with your cycle.

After looking at Eliza's 6 month pictures and seeing her now, I kinda feel like she is losing her cuteness. Her face is less baby like. The little cu pie doll hair has grown more in the front that I can't see that look anymore despite trying to brush it in that style. The teeth, they keep a coming in. Of course I am told I'm being ridiculous to even think this, those feelings and fears are still there.

The feelings of wanting to be liked by other long term semi pro bloggers have been recently strong. I miss having close friends and have to make the best use of my digital connections. I have 3 followers, but with the blog hit counter, I know more than 3 read this. Sometimes comments on here really make my day and help me to keep going when I don't exactly feel inspired to write anything fantastic.

I would love to work for a day at Carlo's Bakery. You know, the one on Cake Boss from TLC. I've been trying to get and make a good vanilla cake to turn out. Already made a fabulous butter cream cream cheese frosting. What's in it you say? Fat....more fat........lots of sugar. Now if only I had a large pipping bag and one of those spinning lazy susans. No real desire to mess with fan daunt. I think frosting is wonderful to work with instead of vacuum sealing the cake. 


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