Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I have several little sound bites from my daughters toys and Sesame Street. They pop up at random times in my head and its driving me crazy! Especially when Elmo sings this jingle right before the show starts. Now, don't get me wrong.....I think Elmo is cute, but this little song has got to GO.

At times, breast feeding is great for the fact that its gotten me out of so many chores or requests from Mr. G. *GASP*! He has to get a remote, trash bag or whatever on his own.

I will sometimes eat the leftovers on the highchair tray. Can't be wasting food now.

Eliza will sometimes remind me of a dog begging for food. She'll crawl and pull herself up, just waiting for me to pop a morsel off my fork into her mouth.

I am notorious and terrible at getting clothes from dryer-to couch-to folded-to bedroom-to being put away. I use the "fluff" cycle more times than I should on the same load from the night before. I will have the purest intentions of doing it right away. Only I keep winning the favorites contest with Eliza and there goes my motivation and focus. Sigh..... I think all living rooms or family rooms should be built with a clothes closet for this exact issue.

Everyday I struggle with wanting to try for another baby right now. Some days I think, "Yes, only X number of months until I can wean her!" or "Then I can go back on some medication that has a side effect of helping me lose weight, score."
Then as I am putting away baby clothes which have been outgrown......
"Awe....I loved this outfit. But I would have to have another baby girl to use it." Or "I miss my OB-GYN and the office staff. I feel weird not seeing them often." To, "It's sad to find ourselves out growing the baby sections for gear and gadgets (not that we had the money to buy)."

We've been spoiled by such a calm natured, easy going, sleeping through the night, non colic, peanut baby. Is the old saying true? 

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  1. I am part of the April 2011 group on baby center! :) I don't write too often but I am on there a bit :)