Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Re-Cap of 2013 Prayersolutions

2013 Prayer-Solutions


My body is feeling very done with being pregnant. I am suppose to have 4 more weeks left, but I am very much discouraged that you won't have me go into labor on my own. Having a toddler at home to watch while I feel less than spectacular has made the second go at pregnancy much harder to deal with. Please help make this labor be easier on my body and let it do what you designed it to do with out so many medical interventions to bring Nolan into the world. While at the same time, help fill in those additional needs surrounded with maternity leave.

Oh I was certainly NOT prepared for how different this labor was going to go down. History pretty much repeated itself while dosing out a new experience of an unplanned c-section. BUT, I was surrounded with so much love from my MOPS group and others providing resources! Breast feeding was a night and day difference and I bonded so much better and faster with Nolan compared to Eliza and the PPD.
I am finding more and more the desire to be a stay at home mom with another child almost here. You know what is best, and you know the stress I've been under while keeping the Youth Center open. But with out a better income to accompany Mr. G, or my side photography business to be consistent...I just don't know how we will handle everything with juggling more expenses/childcare.

Still waiting on this one as there are answers still waiting to come. On the other side of things, we were finally able to find a reliable and consistent daycare for the kids that has blessed us with an affordable rate. 
Help me be content with where we live. I would love to be closer to family and have the support that I know others benefit from when grandparents are near by. I also think about where my children are and the things I want them to experience about the world around them. Our area has been hit hard and it is a struggle to expose them to different cultures and opportunities.

This one has been especially hard. With having a second child, our space has only shrunk. I've struggled with living where we are and even dream of having a larger house where I could entertain and the kids could have their own space.
Please keep my babies safe and healthy. Keep Nolan strong through the rest of this pregnancy so I may hold my baby boy cry in my arms after this marathon.

Despite a few bumps of being sick here and there....they have been healthy. Eliza even got her speech and physical therapy in May, for which we are grateful.
I don't know if it is to be this year or not, but I can't help but start to see our growing family needing a bigger vehicle. By all means, please help keep our current cars in good working order and to meet our needs. This may be a "want" more so than "need", but with how big those car seats are and being able to get everyone around if not a few folks who need a ride...a mini van would be a very nice blessing.

I would not have dreamed of how this one ended up being answered. Not only did he give us a bigger vehicle, but he gave us TWO! Keeping in mind that one became totalled in the fall, the second vehicle ended up being even better than the first. It has been a great blessing in our family and the trips down to the grandparents.
Please help us grow our MOPS group. You know of the struggles we've been facing in the steering committee. Give us your guidance and peace as to where to move forward with the group.

I don't know if our group has grown per say, but it has brought in some new moms to replace those who have aged out. A blessing has been better and consistent MOPPET workers so us moms can enjoy some kid free time during the meetings :)

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