Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mid Week Confessions and Catch up

Yes, I know its been awhile, butletmeexplain....

1. What I thought I was milking to get out of going to church on Sunday turned into a trip to the ER that afternoon....with one husband and TWO kids.

2. I got to have a whooping cough test done which involves a wire rod with a swab stuck 4-5 inches up.each.nose. I do not recommend it, even for those who love to Netipot.

3. I ask the receptionist to black out my weight on the discharge paperwork after a doctor's appointment...only then to peek and make out the numbers through the sharpie.

4. I may or may not play with the kids toys after they go to bed and build things like this...

5. I have the largest pile of missing kid socks.

6. With this horrible cough, it has caused me to pee myself a little when a fit hits me. I may have also used breast pads as a quick fix until I got home.

7. I would pay good money if someone invented a high chair that had an industrial strength wet/dry shop vac built in.

8. I am an unconscious bed hog according to Mr. G.

9. I sometimes will try and get a little more time out of a diaper when we are out of the house and the poop is an all contained nugget that I can just let fall out into the trash. Because I swear, they do it right after I've changed them and about to walk into the daycare.

10. Still struggling or being content of the thought of never going through the baby chapter again...seems exciting and then depressing when someone posts newborn hospital pictures on facebook.  

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