Friday, January 3, 2014

Getting my Craft On

So with the help of a friend offering their place to host Nolan's 1st birthday, I am off and running with ideas for his special day. I have gravitated to using a polar bear and bowties as the theme. After looking at images of polar bear illustrations, I whipped up this little ditty in Illustrator. Eliza had an old fashioned ice cream parlor theme and many of the decorations and invites were also done in illustrator.

Let's see just how much I do on the second child as far as DIY projects go. I about ran myself into the ground with the girl, and sadly it didn't look like I whole bunch.


From cake pops to cupcakes
Snacky foods to light pizza
Church gym to private home venue
No photo booth to trying a photo back drop with props
Monthly progression headshots on ice cream cones to heads with bowties
Paper hand crafted invite to Facebook evite

I will still make a smash cake, but this time around I'll make it a tad smaller.

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