Monday, January 27, 2014

Currently Eliza

It occurred to me that I should write down some things about Eliza for prosperity sake as I know I'll want to know some of these Eliza-isms later on down the road.

Ay nane = Air Plane
Ee ub = Get Up
Pee Bah = Peanut Butter
Done = Phone
Dee Dee = TV
Duck = Stuck
Docks = Socks
Ee Naw = Evan

Recent Musings
A new maniacal laugh
Coloring on the TV
Jumping off the trampoline and on to the couch
Eating snow whenever she can, even if its from the bottom of her boots
Wrestling with her brother
LOVES cereal
Requests Jake and the Neverland Pirates whenever she can
When talking to grandparents, will take the phone and give a house tour so they can see everything
Likes to tear apart her bed each day and toss bedding on the floor
Requests her friends Evan and Dorothy

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