Friday, February 22, 2013

Sewing Before the New Baby

It had been quite a long time since I sewed a quilt for Eliza. and sewn one that had much of any real skill or advanced technique. I have a lot of girl fabrics and wanted to bust loose with them. When I had seen this pattern, it was more so a chevron and not broken up.

I tried my best to not duplicate any of the fabric, but trying to balance everything out became a real challenge with all the different details going on. I struggled to go with a solid to bring everything together, and I ended up seeking outside opinions from the ladies at Joann Fabrics at the cutting table.

The backing turned out to be a lucky find in the red tag clearance section, which was an additional 50% off. Originally, this was an expensive fabric with all the embroidery going on of flowers and leaves. But I like how it contrasts enough and compliments the aqua quilt binding I did myself.
Little Brother

Oh did I ever fight with this quilt! From trying to find a neat variety of fabrics to combine, and then the pattern itself...I had to take several breaks from this sucker until I hit a real break through and plowed through it. The green boarder and outside of the hour glass grey came from the Michael Miller collection, while the dark blue was from Walmart. The rest were on sale finds at Joann's. 

The grey squares were an afterthought to break up the light blue. With the help of an iron and Steam a Seam, I was able to applique them on as if I had meant to do so in the first place. 

I just love this no pill fleece fabric that I backed it with. It is fitting with Nolan being a winter baby, but not too girly with these sparrows.

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