Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Big Sister

One of the most commonly asked questions about our new family is how Eliza is adjusting to the new baby. I, myself, was a bit curious as to how she would react, but had an idea as to how some of it would come out as.

To say Eliza is enthusiastic about Nolan would be an understatement. If given the chance, she would love to baby "sit" him...literally. The most frustrating and exhausting task has been trying to avoid Eliza smothering him and us both. Commonly, it comes out when I am nursing him. She wants to be right there, a part of the action and not even an inch away from his face. If I lay him on the floor for some tummy time, she'll lay down and throw her arm around him. She loves to point out his nose, after pointing out mommies nose....and then proceeding to poke out his eyes....ugh.

However, now that we are 2 months away from the big 2 year old that she is/has yet to become, I am not sure what is early terrible two's or acting out because of the adjustment.  Time outs have increased since Nolan came home, and I wonder if they are effective enough as a punishment. Maybe we will experiment with doing them in her room since we get a pretty good reaction when going down to bed.

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