Thursday, February 28, 2013

Late Night Sewing

After struggling to find a Big Sister shirt that fit Eliza in stores, I felt I was going to have to just make my own. You can find one zillion little brother and sister shirts in stores, but doesn't that make one other a "big"? Not to mention the countless I <3 and="" at="" family="" member="" navy="" old="" other="" shirts="" stores.="" various="" whatever="">

I did some applique work after I tried on another one before hand. With the pattern of the fabric, I wanted to run around the letters in a heavy pink. Bad mistake! It ended up looking horrible and I ripped a hole in the shirt fabric after I attempted to take the seam ripper to it. Oi! All that time and effort only to be a ruined shirt.

After I took the iron to the letters, the thought of a tutu skirt to make it even more girly came to mind and I had some remnant pink tulle available. Over all, I am happy with the way it turned out despite that I had to do it on a 24 month onesie and not a 2T shirt. If I am going to go to all this effort, I better get all the more mileage out of it!    

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