Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Yes, I am posting this the night before. Tomorrow is looking like a total storm of adult responsibilities where momma may/not get any time to post this and instead decide to retreat to bed.

At times when I have had a rather rough morning with Eliza in the tantrum department, I count down the minutes when I won't feel guilty in going to the sitters to drop her off so where I can have some adult conversation prior to having to leave for work.

Mr. G hates it when I do online pregnancy research. The pregnancy pains have been different this time around and of course I start looking up ectopic symptoms or abdominal pains to watch for. At the present pains I've had, I am chalking it up to gas and bloating. They are always after a good sized meal and last for hours as it all digests. But if it continues to be more painful and closer together, I will check it out for a UTI, as last time at 7 weeks I got one but didn't have most of the tell tale symptoms. But I wonder if gas/bloating can also cause lower back pain?

Feeling a little disorganized. I know there are a bunch of important meetings and events that need prep work done, but it just feels like it is all floating above my head....which really bugs me.

Over the weekend, we were away with family. During this time, I saw this little independent creature toddle around, wanting not a whole lot of attention from mommy and doing her own thing. This proved hard when on a HOT and HUMID Sunday afternoon at a cemetery and a busy road close by. Not to mention having to stand guard of Eliza going to the hedge stones and wanting to pull the flags out or pop off the flower heads.

Is it normal to not think your child is all that great from time to time?  

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