Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Okay, waiting until my monthly aunt decides to or not to make her presence. I am not going to lie....I think I am  leaning towards her not showing and having a faint or ripe second line show up on that plastic stick!

Getting an urge to want to sew some boy stuff up. Most of my fabric stash is geared towards the girly and I think I am needing a change up. *Gasp* could this mean we might have a boy? Boys scare me. The only real intimate understanding and experience I have with them is my husband. I grew up with women. We pee sitting down. We don't wince when someone falls on their family jewels on AFV. When changing my daughters diaper, I don't have to dodge any rouge streams. No, we wipe front to back and don't need to position "it" in the downward facing direction. Yet I want to go and buy up brown, green and blue fabric patterns. I even want to use some jungle receiving blankets to make a baby quilt for some apparent reason.

Mom flies home this Sunday evening. I think I adjusted to her long visit much better than Mr. G. She has helped us with childcare, groceries and even a few date nights. I am not sure what I will do with myself next week as we adjust to yet another new routine of working, drop off's at the sitter and my husband working almost full time. The end of the summer needs to get here soon so I can go back home and visit with mom and the rest of my unofficial family.

Insomnia sucks...nuff said 

Trying to find a bigger place to rent is HARD where we live for the fact of how limited 3 bedroom houses for rent become available. Buying is not an option at this time of our lives.

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