Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Time with Grandma

With the long Memorial day weekend to put to good use, we made a trip out to G&G. I used this little trip to help ease the pain of having to say goodbye to my mother the weekend before. But truth be told, the house could have used some extra TLC. Yet the dishes, clutter and mini projects can wait as my little girl will only be this age with her grandparents once.

I didn't pull out the camera a whole lot this time, because well, not a whole lot caught my eye or frankly I was tired and feeling the early pregnancy joys. Yet when our little girl wanted to climb on the piano, the moment presented itself.

Feet were more the more preferred method of technique

She comes from a very musical side of Mr. G's family...but just wait until I can get some art supplies in her little hands.

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